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(8) Selected Research Projects

  • July 2007—June 2010, "Instabilities in Advanced CMOS," (Sponsor: Texas Instruments).
  • August 2004—July 2007, "Ameliorating Negative Bias Instability Problems," (Sponsor: Texas Instruments through Semiconductor Research Corporation Custom Funding).
  • May 2004—May 2007, "Fissile and Non-Fissle Material Detection Using Nuclear Acoustic Resonance," (Sponsor: Department of Energy).
  • December 2005—April 2007, "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Nanocrystal based Flash Memories ( This is a gift/grant from Freescale Semiconductor)," (Sponsor: FreescaleSemiconductor).
  • June 2003—September 2006, "Identifying Atomic Scale Defects Which Limit The Performance of SiC MOSFETs," (Sponsor: US ARMY Research Laboratory through Honeywell).
  • August 2004—May 2006, "Identifying the Physical and Chemical Nature of Atomic Scale Defects which Limit the Performance of high-k gate MOS Systems.," (Sponsor: SEMATECH).
  • August 2002—July 2005, "High dielectric constant gate MOS Systems," (Sponsor: Intel Corporation through Semiconductor Research Corporation Custom Funding).
  • August 2003—January 2005, "High Field Spin Dependent Recombination Study for Quantum Computation," (Sponsor: National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory and NSF).


The Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) is an internationally distinguished department that is recognized for its globally competitive excellence in engineering and scientific accomplishments, research, and educational leadership.

Our Engineering Science program is the official undergraduate honors program of the College of Engineering, attracting the University’s brightest engineering students. We also offer graduate degrees in ESM, engineering mechanics, engineering at the nano-scale, and an integrated undergraduate/graduate program.

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