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(14) Selected Research Projects

  • January 2007—April 2009, "In-Situ Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring System," (Sponsor: Intelligent Automation/NASA).
  • July 2005—December 2007, "Bechtel Ultrasonic Transducer," (Sponsor: Bechtel BPMI).
  • June 2006—December 2007, "Development of Techniques to Precisely measure Flowing Steam/Water Pressure in High Temperature Pressurized Pipes and Vessels," (Sponsor: Bechtel BPMI).
  • June 2006—December 2007, "Proof Concept Testing, Ultrasonic Array for Measuring Water Level," (Sponsor: Bechtel BPMI).
  • October 2005—October 2007, "Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Conceptual Development," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Corp., Inc.).
  • July 2005—June 2007, "Bechtel Plant Machinery," (Sponsor: Bechtel BPMI).
  • March 2005—December 2006, "Development of Ultra-High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducer," (Sponsor: Bechtel BPMI).
  • September 2005—December 2006, "Intelligent Pipeline Inspection System," (Sponsor: The Technology Collaborative).
  • September 2004—October 2006, "Cable Socket Contract Force Measurement Instrument," (Sponsor: Bechtel Bettis, Inc.).
  • March 2004—October 2006, "Ultrasonic Pressure Detector Development," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Corp., Inc.).
  • September 2005—August 2006, "Lockheed Ultrasonic Flow," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Corp., Inc.).
  • September 2005—August 2006, "Lockheed Wave Guide," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Corp., Inc.).
  • December 2005—June 2006, "Ultrasonic Detection Methods," (Sponsor: Bechtel Bettis, Inc.).
  • September 2005—January 2006, "Laser-Based Ultrasound," (Sponsor: Marine Corps University).


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